Winning Abilities

Promoting exceptional talent across abilities

Empowering All Abilities

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Our mission is to enable a world that optimizes individual abilities to improve life for all!

Why Winning Abilities?

We understand your needs; we have been there. Our unique human network is a differentiator. No exclusive arrangement is required. Competitive costs—typically a percentage of first-year earnings. Partnerships that can extend beyond the “transaction”.

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Our Solution

An extensive and growing, human-based recruiting platform that leverages personal and professional relationships of individuals who are highly connected to many different talent pools. Our network consists of professionals from disability advocacy groups, universities, and organizations, along with other individuals dedicated to fostering inclusivity.

We then work with our partners to create opportunities for these exceptional individuals in work, sport, communities and more.

Our Three Pillars

  • Corporate and Organizational Recruiting: Placing exceptional talent into exceptional organizations

  • Athletic Representation: Ensuring business support for amazing athletes with amazing talent

  • Promotion and Influence: Driving awareness of the sometimes hidden talents that exist in all of us

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